Beginning of Insurance

I will tell you the story of why I became aware of insurance at a relatively young age. I was hesitant to get protection because of the many unpleasant news and experiences I had heard. I will start my story here.


5/3/20231 min read

shallow focus photography of blue umbrella
shallow focus photography of blue umbrella

Hello reader,

You must have heard a lot about disappointment with insurance. I have heard about it too, but why do I still buy insurance?

When I was a child, I had private insurance from my father's office. When my father resigned from that office, the insurance stopped too. Eventually, I switched to state insurance. Then when I grew up, I felt the need to have private insurance. But with so much disappointing news, it made me wonder. My experience using private insurance before was comfortable and fast.

Finally, I tried to find out why many people were disappointed but still many people persisted. Companies like Z, P, M* are long-standing insurance companies that continue to survive, do they have a flawed system? My search process eventually found results that it was not the insurance that was wrong but rather the poor communication between agents and customers that caused the problem.

My uncle told me about his disappointment with insurance. He trusted the words of the agent (my cousin's friend) and was not careful in reading the policy. After about 5 years, he saw investment results that did not meet his expectations and the words "can be liquidated after 10 years." That incident made my uncle not want to join private insurance again.

With the experiences of others, I finally decided to take out an insurance policy. I have learned from other people's mistakes, so those mistakes won't happen to me.

That's my story. Thank you for reading.