Beginning of Investment

I will tell the story of why I started investing at around 19 years old. It was a journey with many ups and downs. I will start my story here.


5/3/20232 min read

green-leafed tree at daytime
green-leafed tree at daytime

Hi reader,

I want to share my experience before and after entering the world of investment. My parents were quite conservative with finances. If I wanted to buy something I desired, I was taught to save up for it. For example, when roller skates were trending, I had to set aside my allowance in a piggy bank to buy them. When I had enough money saved up, I brought the piggy bank to the roller skate store and exchanged it for the skates. It felt great to have the skate as a result of my hard-earned money. So my parents told me that if I had money, I should either save it or buy gold.

In high school, I took the social sciences stream and learned about stocks. At that time, I became very curious about stocks, so I did a lot of research. My search results showed that only wealthy people could own stocks. As a result, I became pessimistic about entering the stock market. When I started college, I enrolled in an accounting program, where I also learned about stocks. One of my professors even shared his experience with it. This sparked my enthusiasm to learn about stocks again.

Finally, I tried mutual funds (MF) in the green basket first. For 3 months, I saved up 300 thousand in MF with a profit of around 18 thousand. The result was quite impressive because if I put it in the bank/cash, the result would probably be only around 200 thousand. After researching, I found out that there was a securities company that I could register for online with a low minimum nominal value. I researched the profile and news of the company and the result was reliable. In the first semester of college, my journey of investing in stocks began. I used my savings from high school and I prepared myself to start my long-time curiosity.

I told my parents about this stock investment and they refused. Their friend's experience of going bankrupt from stocks caused them to reject this journey. I explained to them that their friend wasn't investing but rather scalping/trading and being too greedy. Finally, with my explanation, my parents allowed me to continue this journey with a lot of advice, of course, hehe...

That's all for now about my story. In the next part, I will continue the story of my journey after entering the stock market.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope your day is meaningful and you are grateful in all circumstances.